dead endAll the hard work now no way to bend
listening to the words they say
come now it is the end

No matter the pleas I send
there is nothing at end of day
Come now it is the end

Thought three lives I could blend
now there seems no way
All the hard work no way to bend

Time no more to lend
all in unison speaking nay
come now it is the end

Now my sorrow I tend
no keeping the sadness at bay
all the hard work no way to bend

Not knowing how I will fend
all that is left perhaps to pray
come now it is the end
all the hard work no way to bend


We become wounded by what is said
injured by what is done
because we let it happen

Petty people with small minds
creating harm with word and deed
in their own unhappiness

We let the whispers cut us
and let the actions touch our emotions
as they continue to gossip

This harm can only hurt if we let
we choose what where when how
they are of no consequence


Through this maze of darkened struggle
at times lost and still others found
the walk long the truth is not easy
just trying to get up off the ground

Nagging at the corners never quiet
the past it whispers you are there
inside it we try to find the way
afraid to share

We try to run it winds ever still
this heart maze ever changing never finished
all that come in truly never leave
the pieces found along the way

Struggle against the infinity
where is the place without whispers
the twists and turns and on it goes
slaves we have become continuing to walk


Seeping into my dreams like a misty fog
nothing I can do to stop it
it invades my sleep an uninvited intruder
until you become all that I can see

Between the fog of awake and asleep it exists
this dream I cannot remove from my mind
over and over the scenes replay
and you are always there

It comes only in the night when I cannot prevent it
filling my thoughts with feelings believed to be long dead
as if you are right there with me I can almost smell you as I sleep
and it is you who is always there

As awakening approaches they start to fade
the vision becomes dimmer by the daylight through the window
and just like before I wake to find
that you were never there at all


Lies are not only those spoken
not only promises broken
also those kept hidden
omission and yet the same

The secrets kept in the dark
ones that eat away at the heart
knowing the truth saying it never
lies that reside in forever

Thinking it’s okay to keep them quiet
believing they are not really lies
because you never say them out loud
knowing they are yet keeping them still

It is the omission that tears the soul
eats away at the love that once was
even worse than those spoken
it’s the quiet lies that leave us broken


Whether or not one is happy is not a product of environment
what is happening to them, what they are going through
it has nothing to do with their struggles or joys
if someone hurt them or loved them

Whether or not one is happy has only to do with what they believe
what they allow to become manifest in their thoughts
what they allow to take over their minds
not their emotions, not their hearts

Whether or not one is happy is completely controlled within
it is not the without that affects how one feels
it is how they let the without affect how they think
happy is within their control

Just like being happy is within your control
what you think is manifest into how you feel
and no one, nothing, can make you feel anything unless you allow it
happy is as happy thinks….you choose whether or not to think happy

what will you choose today…..


We are all just freaks inside
some on display some who hide
there’s always something just below
some in public some they don’t know

It could be something simple and small
or something waiting to consume all
the small voice never quiet
sometimes controlled sometimes a riot

We are all just freaks of one kind or another
some show the world some try to smother
the freaks we can live with and those we don’t
those we have as friends and those we won’t

Everyone all of us freaks in this life together
some still grounded yet others on a tiny tether
those who live easy and those who struggle not to die
some who seem quite normal and those who just wonder why

In end we are all freaks walking through this life
some who get along and some know only strife
those who feel love and others who know pain
yet and still beautiful freaks we are all again


There are doors in life that should never be opened
and doors that you wish you had
there are doors that take you to the wrong places
and doors that only make you sad

There are doors in life that are unanswered questions
never having been explored
and doors that let you learn and grow
and those that leave you bored

There are doors in life you’re too scared to open
for fear that you will fail to walk through
and those that steal away pieces of your soul
in ways you never knew

There are doors that lead to both good and bad
and those that lead to nowhere at all
doors that change your life and those that make you pay
and then some are just a bathroom stall


And lo though I walk through this life with no regret

the shadows they follow me still

the past is gone but unforgotten as yet

it lingers at the corners against my will


And lo though I walk knowing it is better now

the stitches of the wounds remain

to completely erase rewind forget somehow

these things I cannot yet attain


And lo though I walk in love and light

the darkness that once was creeps in and out

even though I resist with all my might

just  a little twinge just a little doubt


And lo though I walk renewed and stronger

the shadows remain just out of reach

wishing them gone to be here no longer

but there are still lessons they must teach


In the mending of a heart

the broken edges pieced and sewn

taking in all that broke apart

closing up the pain you’ve known


New people new feelings growing over the seams

stitches filling the rips of pain

the past that broke you now only dreams

time now taken to try to make you sane


Stitches felt only slightly with fingers of the soul

still there and yet less or so I’m told

seemingly now to be somewhat whole

the burning hot fire of the pain growing cold


In these stitches lie the hurts of the past

dreams broken love lost hope all gone

in the twilight now at last

my heart and it’s stitches all alone

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