I Am The Rabbit

Born under the sign of water

Artistic and creative

Quietly confident and strong

Careful and thoughtful

Seeking peace and tranquility

Empathy and keen observation

Amicable and kind

Intellectual and prosperous

Calm and courageous

Determined and organized

Intuitive and thoughtful

My year at sixty

I am the rabbit

My Forever Valentine

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

In the way you watch at the window waiting for me to arrive home

coming out to walk me in when the path is icy

flowers for no particular reason except that you love me

and my favorite wines that just appear

The special nickname reserved only for me

and I love you spoken many times over each day

letting me watch a series over and over without complaint

and finding tear jerker movies for us to share

Reaching out to me with texts and calls throughout the day

and understanding my need for silence after stressful work

making sure I have all that I need and so much more

and keeping me safe always

Making me laugh so many times in a day

easing my fears no matter what they may be

happiness in an overflowing heart

my forever valentine


Photo by Japheth Mast on Unsplash

Winning can be about victory in competition

it can be about trophies and awards

it can be about money and fame

it can be about championships and titles

it can be about legacy

it can be about history

in the end though

winning is truly ever, always

about one thing and one thing only

how are you better from one moment to the next

what have you overcome in yourself

to find victory of your mind, body, and spirit

what parts of yourself have you discarded

to become stronger, more confident, powerful

in the end it is only, ever, always

about just you


Say The Word

Written By Liam Flanagan

Photo by Gift Habeshaw on Unsplash


My minds in a mess

Everything is upside down and back to front


Off you go to the Florida keys

Keep hitting those wayward drives off the tees!

Complications with the vaccine


Worried about their exams

Sick of attending the classroom with their video cams

United top of the league!

A season with no fans providing some intrigue

A time in history parallel with no other


Home schooling the kids whilst trying to avoid blowing their lids

Everybody hoping and praying this will be all over

Laughter and smiles are as rare as a four leaved clover!

All Time Great

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Lifting an entire city

his swing a work of art

Hammerin’ Hank

baseball’s beating heart

Home run record broken

before steroids playing it clean

an achievement to cheer

amazing to be seen

Suffering racial injustice

death threats and more

standing tall

for those to come and those before

Civil rights leader

change hoped for and endless work done

a man of peace and power

legendary one

On the field a hero of sports

off the field a hero of hearts

gone now in body

but the spirit never departs

Find Margin

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

Pause when options and crises come

take time to evaluate what serves you

immediate response is not necessary

if it is not life or death

Breathe deeply and slowly

gather yourself and your thoughts

breathe through decisions

not made in haste

Ponder the why of your response

does it serve you or is it serving others only

is it necessary or is it because you choose

examine and ask questions

Choose wisely and for yourself

will it provide margin or take it away

what will the choice require of you

are you enabling others or building resilience

Do what you can with margin

responses should not push you over the edge

they should not be assumed or expected

find and protect your margin

Let It Go

Photo by Gianandrea Villa on Unsplash

End of the year is here

new one on the horizon

moving forward to the future

leaving 2020 behind

Ever hopeful

we reach out

for better days ahead

with waiting hearts

Optimism abounds

hoping for change

looking for light

at the end of the tunnel

New year arrives

bringing a chance for miracles

and possibly something closer

to normal

Another year come and gone

with highs and lows

we move ahead

and try to let it go

Shooting Stars

Photo by Austin Schmid on Unsplash

So briefly we shine

streaking through this life

bright lights

here and gone

Rushing into and out of

lives of others

some see us

some do not

For some our light

lives on

in their hearts

pieces of our matter remains

For others

they never know

that we were even


Each of us

bright shining stars

burning hot moving fast


Not Alone

Photo by Christopher Beloch on Unsplash

In a world of no margin

we can feel very alone

struggling against the world

ever increasingly stressful

But what if I told you

that a single word or deed

of kindness towards another

could mean survival

So many are on the precipice

of giving up hope

giving up their lives

giving in to sadness and grief

Loss of normalcy


death of life

as they knew it

One word one deed

of true kindness to another

just to show

they are not alone

Creating Gratitude

Photo by Guillaume de Germain on Unsplash

Words of thanks

written, spoken, thought

for things big for things small

creating gratitude for them all

Filling your mind

with thankful things

creating a universe

that receives and then gives

Continually creating

with thankful hearts

karma of gratitude

returning greater

Breathe out gratitude

breathe in blessings

expand your universe

creating gratitude

Read my blog this week entitled Creating A Universe Of Gratitude

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