Self preservation
selfishly existing
thoughts of oneself
Insulated ambiguity
emotional icebergs
feelings for none
Nothing shocking
without care
focused on you
helping none
feigning ignorance
they don’t matter


Rushing to and fro
unsure what day it is
online and to stores we go
seeking gifts to buy

Nonstop action so it seems
barely stopping
even to notice
those in need

Concerned with our lives
lists with our family
our friends only
charity found nowhere

Too busy for homeless
hopeless helpless creatures
who fill out town
and streets

Worried only about us
what we need to do
to get to give
so selfish

Going here and there
walking right be them
lost as we are
in a holidaze


youEverything that happens
anything that’s done
all that the world is
you make it all about you

Anyone else’s troubles
other people’s success
whatever drama surfaces
you make it all about you

Plans that get made
conversations ongoing
friends, family, work
you make it all about you

My trouble, my successes
my world, my friends
my plans, my life
believe it’s not all about you

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