We become wounded by what is said
injured by what is done
because we let it happen

Petty people with small minds
creating harm with word and deed
in their own unhappiness

We let the whispers cut us
and let the actions touch our emotions
as they continue to gossip

This harm can only hurt if we let
we choose what where when how
they are of no consequence


If for every thought or every word
we might just pause before we think
a moment before we speak
would we change direction

A simple pause could save the pain
our thoughts and words might do
and we could change them in our
hearts before the pause was done

Each time we judge another’s life
and the words are formed within
if just one pause we could take
before the hurt begins

Pause to love
pause to think
pause to change direction
just a moment is all it takes


Strings that connect us
bind us together with energy
a touch on one is a touch on all
the vibrations extend to the infinite

A kindness done to one
becomes new to another
traveling down the strings
to reach strangers untold

Choices made in this moment
become roads taken paths traveled
down the long life strings
affecting all some small some large

Strings that resonate far beyond your space
to reach into the hearts minds lives of the many
actions of the one touching the infinite
connected never ending

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