I am more than what you think
or what you assume to know
more than all the gossip
so much I never show

I am more than you
more than you will ever be
even when I’m down
there is still more to me

I am more than this moment
the one that tries to defeat
more than this setback
my heart will still beat

I am more than I realize
reaching down deep inside
to set free
all that lies inside


The past serves only one purpose, to make you stronger
to learn and move on
to let go and grow
to never look back always forward

Those who hurt you only serve to make you stronger
every lie and betrayal
every unkind word and deed
every fresh stab of the knife
only gives you strength

There is no life living in the past
dwelling on things gone and meaningless
there is only what’s ahead
the future and what you make of it

No need to live in constant blame
to reopen the wounds of the past
they are gone and done
and you can now choose to live stronger


It is the struggles that makes us strong

the daily trials as we go along

tests of character and of mind

it is in these true strength we find


Though these times may seem so dark

life is never just a walk in the park

with each one we grow a little more

becoming stronger than before


While we walk in the trials we may feel weak

the things about which we do not speak

pushed down by the weight we fight to stand

every now and again with a helping hand


The trials we face the tests of the heart and soul

things over which we have no control

they give us strength they make us strong

able to face whatever this life brings along

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