Cry out for help
but only you can hear
nothing remains
only the fear

Wanting the help
unable to speak
look for strength
only to be weak

Where is the help
searching not found
in darkness bound

Cry out for help
speak through pains
perhaps someone
will save what remains


They say money is the root of all evil
actually it’s the love of money
but in my opinion the root of all evil
is insecurity

It gives birth to fear, jealousy, lying
manifests itself as gossip, manufactured drama
blossoms into treachery, lust for power
and selfishness

Insecurity turns people into narcissists
and liars, envious, fearful backstabbers
They make the drama all your fault when
in reality it’s all about them

They want so much to be liked
that they will do anything to think they are
in reality everyone knows what they are
and all about their insecurity


The things that scare us most
are those that are real
those that could actually happen
those that truly exist

Not zombies or aliens
or giant robots or vampires
it is bombs in backpacks
poison gas or powder

Someone who is angry
deluded or just plain crazy
unpredictable and right next door
these are what true terror is for

At school or church or right in the street
it could be anyone you meet
things that could truly be real
these are what terror looks like

The unknown of your neighbor
perhaps someone you see everyday
this is where it lies
true terror is this way


Trickling closer dark tendrils
icy along your skin
unseen around your heart
chill that fills your soul

Dark no light to find
they seek the corners
waiting for the next body
watching from the black

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