We become wounded by what is said
injured by what is done
because we let it happen

Petty people with small minds
creating harm with word and deed
in their own unhappiness

We let the whispers cut us
and let the actions touch our emotions
as they continue to gossip

This harm can only hurt if we let
we choose what where when how
they are of no consequence


If for every thought or every word
we might just pause before we think
a moment before we speak
would we change direction

A simple pause could save the pain
our thoughts and words might do
and we could change them in our
hearts before the pause was done

Each time we judge another’s life
and the words are formed within
if just one pause we could take
before the hurt begins

Pause to love
pause to think
pause to change direction
just a moment is all it takes


I almost said I loved you when you looked at me
those eyes that reached into my soul so deep
again when you stood so close I could smell your skin
almost said the words but no and then

I almost said I loved you when you took my hand
your fingers wrapped in mine I could hardly stand
and as you pulled me closer almost did I speak
but strong I remained even tho I was weak

I almost said I loved you when you kissed me so
soft and sweet long and lingering feeling it tips to toe
again as you kissed me over and over making it hard to breathe
the words almost spilled out I never wanted to leave

I almost said I loved you when you and I were one
wrapped around each other and others there were none
but I kept it hidden deep inside the words in silence held
and now that you are gone it seems it’s just as well

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