The steps at first small and unsure

and all at once it becomes a blur

loving living sharing your soul

giving taking losing control

Each step on the journey more of the heart

loving together tearing apart

the push the pull always in motion

following the road whatever the notion

It is not the destination or the end

but to our hearts the journey does lend

growing losing becoming ever more

no step that comes like the ones before

The journey teaches reaches breaks molds

never knowing what the future holds

never regret remember always seeking what is true

this journey called life for me and you

© Deborah Horton Writing


Open yourself to the possibilities inside

new adventures new journeys steps to take

every part of your soul nothing to hide

success in this life is something you make

Open your soul to what is real what is true

bypass the fake ignore the lies

the journey begins right inside of you

success only comes to he who tries

Open your mind to learn more every day

every moment has something to teach

absorb knowledge listen to what those who have paved the way have to say

success is in your path all you need do is reach

Open your heart to those who would seek to guide

those who can teach and can be part of the team

success is a journey be sure to enjoy the ride

and everything can be yours all you need do is dream

Deborah Horton Writing

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