Heat filled days that smolder
the air lapping like tongues of flame
breathing becomes harder to control
each touch a burn to the skin

The flames continue into the night
nothing takes the burn away
now inside and out the fire consumes
rest and start again

The fuel of pent up yesterdays
waiting for the flames to lick
tasting the untouched the fire spreads
leaving behind only the smolder

In the embers the fire is still hot
hidden waiting for the next spark
the next breath so passionately breathed
the burn of this desire


It whispers across my soul in the slightest touch
seeping into my heart wanting it so much
breathing in my spirit all consuming fire
filling every part rivers of desire

The whispers become louder my soul begins to ache
my heart cries out waiting for you to take
the spirit waits to be fulfilled
my body yearning just to yield

The whispers become screams as passion overflows
the heart an intensity no one knows
my spirit filled to bursting crying out for more
the body shaken to the core

It whispers in the aftermath a tingle and a hum
my heart surrounded by everything love and then some
my spirit satisfied and filled with love complete
my body where we two lovers meet


For most it’s just a word in poems or cards
something casually thrown around by those in love
a platitude overused and poorly so
with little thought to what it really means

Those that will say forever to try and prove their love
others who say it to try and hold on to false love
even more who use it as part of their lies
none of them caring the pain it causes when it’s over

But then there are those who know what it means
who truly feel it in their souls
when they say it they honestly believe it
it’s not just a word for them

Those that toss it around casually are many
the others who truly know what it means are few
I’ve had plenty of the first kind and the pain they bring
which is why I am truly thankful for you and a love that is true


Somehow the past remains at the edges
lapping against the mind as waves upon the sand
taking a bit here and a bit there leaving no trace
and yet you feel it there a shadow and a thought

You believe that you’ve moved beyond the past
that regret is not something you live with
but at the edges its cold and icy fingers reach in
and you can barely feel it

You work to stay in the center avoiding the dark edges
keeping the shadows of what was out of the what is
pushing down the memories pushing back on the waves
always reconstructing the wall

The memories they whisper they brush at your mind
each one growing fainter and yet the icy touch still there
time to push back move away towards the center
live as if they don’t exist


Quietly as leaves falling to the ground
so too my heart to yours
slowly softly perhaps as yet unseen
outside my control falling yet again

As yellow and orange carpet the grass
my heart does do the same
spreading itself a carpet to your heart
intertwined covering all the hurts past

Falling quicker as time goes by
as leaves now from the trees
leaving me reaching you
this love forever true

Awash in colors falling all around
my heart now yours there is no sound
just two beats yours and mine together
falling in unison now and forever


All at once breathtaking and beautiful
strength in every angle and space
gliding as if suspended in air
movement motion breathless

As if it’s so easy
the most natural thing there is
like breathing unconscious
it just is and you just are

Muscles rippling definition unbound
wordlessly gripping there is no sound
the sight of you amazing there are no words
breathless and beautiful are all that is heard

A slight touch the familiar smell
skin that becomes a raging fire
unable to look away
in this moment breathless


It’s in the things you choose
and within the games you lose
the truth of who you are inside
and everything you cannot hide

Never in the winning plays
and not in the glory of talented days
what’s revealed is never in the light
only in the dark of night

Not ever there when things are best
when you’re at one moment better than the rest
it shows when things don’t go your way
the truth leaves nothing left to say

It’s what’s revealed when the lights of fame go out
when self promotion is not what you’re about
the truth of who you truly are and have always been
shown like a spotlight on the character of men


They say with time all is known
things we will someday be shown
time to learn time to live
and it is only you my love I give

They say with time all wounds heal
that tomorrow will change the way we feel
everything will move and grow
and I love you more than you can know

They say with time all things are clear
that the unknown is what we truly fear
the things left hidden inside the heart
and it is you I have loved right from the start

They say with time all things must end
that each passing second brings it closer again
though death must come and none can forestall
and until then I will love you with my all


I almost said I loved you when you looked at me
those eyes that reached into my soul so deep
again when you stood so close I could smell your skin
almost said the words but no and then

I almost said I loved you when you took my hand
your fingers wrapped in mine I could hardly stand
and as you pulled me closer almost did I speak
but strong I remained even tho I was weak

I almost said I loved you when you kissed me so
soft and sweet long and lingering feeling it tips to toe
again as you kissed me over and over making it hard to breathe
the words almost spilled out I never wanted to leave

I almost said I loved you when you and I were one
wrapped around each other and others there were none
but I kept it hidden deep inside the words in silence held
and now that you are gone it seems it’s just as well


You come to me in whispers
you come to me in sighs
finding me once again
knowing where my heart lies

You come to me in darkness
and then again in light
the whispers of your heart
find me be it day or night

You come to me completely
leaving nothing hidden away
sharing thoughts and whispers
making me want to stay

You come to me as lover
and also as a friend
the whispers of our hearts
forever now no end

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