Around The Sun

Always moving momentum without pause
continuing the journey step by step
making the trip
around the sun

Seconds pass
hours turn into days
months disappear in a blink
another year around the sun

Try to hold on to moments
memories lingering in eternity
try to remember
with each pass around the sun

Each breath means more
thankful for this moment
along for the ride
around the sun


A number between 1 and 100
and an age
4 years from 60

When I was younger, much younger
60 seemed so very, very old
yet here I am almost there
and feeling something

Not sure I look almost 60
not sure I feel almost 60
it is the number
the realization of 6 decades almost gone

Finding more lines on my face
grey hairs showing themselves
sagging, bagging, lagging
and menopause of course

Is 60 the new 40?
that’s just something people say
60 is 60
and I’m almost there

On the other hand
I’m very thankful for it
the alternative
is even less appealing


Time passes us by without even a pause to see

catching up always with you and with me

where children were once helpless and small

with each passing minute they grow stronger and tall

Time marches on with each dawn of the day

no words can stop it nothing we say

though we wish them to stay young they continue to grow

and soon will be adults before we know

Each year a new grade each year a new birthday to come

wanting to hold on to the past far too long for some

but time advances on and they grow so fast it seems

living out their hopes and dreams

Time engulfs us all our children is where we see it more

taking childhood away showing us what’s in store

each new grade they become more grown up slowly slipping away

but in our hearts they will always stay

Deborah Horton Writing

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