Not the tangible something unseen

down deep inside in the in between

where others may doubt and not believe

your belief is not what they perceive


A life lived not for others or on what they say

for it is up to you to find another way

it is within your own mind the strength to find

to all others keep your belief blind


What lies within stronger than all that surrounds without

these people do not know what you are about

supposition rumor predisposed opinion mean nothing to you

it is only your soul that knows what is true


Belief in oneself comes inside through highs and lows

it comes in the places no one else knows

always it should come first from your own soul

never depend on others to make your belief whole


When you trust someone each time you give a little piece of yourself

something you can never get back even if they break the trust

sometimes it’s only a tiny piece and you think it won’t be missed

and others it’s huge chunks of yourself that can never be retrieved

There are those who you can give your trust to who will always keep it safe

they will never break it with lies or disloyalty they will be there for always

those are the ones that when you give a piece of yourself you don’t miss it so much

because they hold it in trust they hold it in love they hold it in truth

And then there are those to whom you give your trust who abuse it

they lie and use and twist and turn it until what you give them no longer exists

it becomes a hollow thing devoid of emotion lost forever in the abyss of their evil

never again will it be a part of you for it has become nothingness

Those you trust and those you learn cannot be trusted to each you have to give a piece

risk the losing of that part of yourself or find the reward in knowing you can trust them to keep it safe

those who break the pieces make it harder to reach out to those who don’t but one must always try

for in the end it is those who keep it safe who will be forever by your side

Deborah Horton Writing

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