Life is not fair
all are not even
no mortal can make it fair
that is just a lie

Mortals who pretend
to be gods
mouth words about
life being fair for all

Yet they cannot
make people smarter
keep them from dying
make them all wealthy

They cannot change

Life cannot be
made fair for all
anyone who claims it can
is lying


Another of my Poetry Club poems:

I never tell the truth
and I care too much what people think
writing makes me sick
and reading is only a chore

I don’t believe in love
or that forever can exist
that you only live once
and life is just a bore

I don’t wish to be happy
and I never think I can succeed
but if you believe any of this poem
a mental readjustment is what you need

(The prompt for this poem was to write a poem about yourself in which nothing is true)


There once was a guy from Montana
who lied about being top banana
short man syndrome all that was true
thinking he fooled me and you
the syndrome made him think he was big and bad
when in reality he was just small and sad
pretending he is someone he will never be
hoping the lies help others not see
shrinking more under the lies that he tells
each one creating new circles of hell
this guy with short man syndrome from Montana


The lies you tell yourself
so you can lie to others
a never ending circle
no truth in sight

The words repeated so often
they begin to sound like truth
but only to those who
do not know you

For those who do they know
it is not possible
for you to tell the truth
about even the smallest things

You every waking moment lived
is a lie waiting to be told
you believe it
but I never did


Don’t say you love me
if it isn’t true
or that you’re my friend
then stab me in the back

Don’t say you care
when your actions lie
and every word you speak
is only hollowly false

Don’t make nice to my face
then talk about me in whispers
or pretend for others
but I know the truth

Don’t waste my time with the petty
drama that takes up every day
I’m too strong for you
and I won’t live that way


Once, when I was less
than what I am today
I let myself think
that it was just okay

The choices that were made
once, when I was clouded
and the wisdom I once had
was dark and shrouded

Down the path
to be deceived
my own version of the truth
I then believed

To almost lose it all
throw everything away
a decision based on lies
once, when I was less than what I am today

A Secret Life

A secret life is that important
Hide things we never share
From those who call themselves friends
And those we wish were never there

Things we never speak aloud
Whispers to our hearts
Not where anyone would hear
Use them to pick us apart

A secret life is that important
Holding everything in place
Keeping truth from seeping

Nothing showing on our face

Things we desire
We dare not say
Hidden in depths
Kept so far away

A secret life is that important
Keeps us sane so we believe
When as the spider to the fly
We practice to deceive


Lies are not only those spoken
not only promises broken
also those kept hidden
omission and yet the same

The secrets kept in the dark
ones that eat away at the heart
knowing the truth saying it never
lies that reside in forever

Thinking it’s okay to keep them quiet
believing they are not really lies
because you never say them out loud
knowing they are yet keeping them still

It is the omission that tears the soul
eats away at the love that once was
even worse than those spoken
it’s the quiet lies that leave us broken


For most it’s just a word in poems or cards
something casually thrown around by those in love
a platitude overused and poorly so
with little thought to what it really means

Those that will say forever to try and prove their love
others who say it to try and hold on to false love
even more who use it as part of their lies
none of them caring the pain it causes when it’s over

But then there are those who know what it means
who truly feel it in their souls
when they say it they honestly believe it
it’s not just a word for them

Those that toss it around casually are many
the others who truly know what it means are few
I’ve had plenty of the first kind and the pain they bring
which is why I am truly thankful for you and a love that is true


All the things you lost because of what you’ve done

all you could have had and now you’re left with none

time and time again offered everything you dreamed

only to find that you were nothing that you seemed


Could have had it all but lost everything with your lies

cannot get it back no matter how many tries

forever lost all that you worked for so long

now you’re at the bottom where you truly belong


All of it could have been yours if only you were true

success unlike anything you knew

just waiting there for you to take

and all that you have lost with just the one mistake


Now you are so much less than you could have been

and nothing that you wanted will ever come again

lost it all no one’s fault but your own it’s true

no one else to blame for there is only you

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