After everything
at the very end
what is it that

When life ceases
to be so busy
and there are only

In time of quiet
reflection on the past
now just me
and you

Two hearts inside
two hands
reaching out
with what remains


How to be free
as you long to be
of these tormenting

Ever present
always near
never to be free
you fear

Keep trying
and trying
to be rid of them
always crying

Oh to be free
death may be
the only way
free finally


Once everything
now nothing
as if you
are dead

once I thought
I could not
live without you
now nothing

Once I believed
there was no one else
oh so wrong
now nothing

Once it was you
so wrong
so gone
now you are nothing


Don’t say you love me
if it isn’t true
or that you’re my friend
then stab me in the back

Don’t say you care
when your actions lie
and every word you speak
is only hollowly false

Don’t make nice to my face
then talk about me in whispers
or pretend for others
but I know the truth

Don’t waste my time with the petty
drama that takes up every day
I’m too strong for you
and I won’t live that way


Always in my dreams
reminder of the past
seems so real even now

Waking me from sleep
feeling out of sorts
not understanding

Sometimes even when awake
creeping in around the edges
a shadow and a dream

Unable to forget
always coming back
still here


Here but they don’t see
look right through
but not at me
and yet I am here still

Too busy too self involved
to see anyone outside of them
those who hurt those who need
never knowing I am here

Invisible I stand so close
enough to feel them breathe
yet they see me not
as we stand side by side

Here I am
yet I am invisible
they do not see
and soon I will be gone


Only you can make you feel less than
what others think is not important
or what they say or do
how you feel is up to you

Let them think let them speak
let them show their immaturity
what you are what you feel
is contained within yourself

So they think you are less
they think they are more
realize that your power
lies inside of you alone

No one can make you feel anything
unless you give them the power to do so
only you can turn over that power
only you can make yourself less


Once there was only a part
a piece of a life
convinced it was all there was
drifting alone

Believing it was fine
to be this way forever
just a deceit
because it was never true

A part, a piece nothing more
a life half lived
searching trying to find
something, someone

Found and now together
one part you one part me
knowing this forever
one plus one makes a whole


The way you love me
every day by saying you do
sending me notes just
to say so

The way you love me
making me laugh a lot
whether I want to
or not

The way you love me
sharing the daily load
as we together
walk this road

The way you love me
more every day
I love that you
love me this way


Covered in green this mountain hillside
the dew like diamonds on the grass
sun at almost high noon
and a breeze filled with spring

To the north mountain crags covered in snow still
and to the south the peaceful village stirs
in the east a castle ancient and still standing
to the west an ancient river

No sound besides the cool of the wind
and the birds who come and go
and minutes pass like hours
as the sun sinks ever low

Drinking it in this wine of spring
each drop renews the soul
living in each moment
in this place I’ve never been

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