Ghosts of the Night

Photo by Tony Detroit on Unsplash

Author – Robin McNamara

Will your ghosts rest tonight 
As you sleep?
last minute of the clock
Strikes midnight

To take you into another day
Another moment
Another chance—
The cards have fated you.

Remains of the day
Scattered like sand across 
Your eyes, which you will open
In the morning and rub away
The ghosts of the night.


Hunter’s moon

haunted soon

moon in blue

coming for you

Hunted by night

prey in sight

predator rising slow

searching down below

Blood moon haunts

mercurial taunts

no escape for you

hunter’s moon in blue

An hour lost

time is the cost

outrun by none

except the rising sun


Trickling closer dark tendrils
icy along your skin
unseen around your heart
chill that fills your soul

Dark no light to find
they seek the corners
waiting for the next body
watching from the black

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