It bears down on me

like so much pressure

pushing, ever pushing

never letting up.


School, work, family

always something to do

never any rest or peace

even in my dreams.


Overwhelming pressure

leaving dents

in my mind, my heart, my soul

getting deeper all the time.


Smothering, getting sick

no strength to push back

going under

and no one sees.


How easily each stress
becomes a mountain
pushed every higher
each passing day
can start small
a grain of sand
inevitably growing larger
we make it so
small hill larger hill
small mountain larger mountain
what we allow it to be
make it become
added to every day
few more feet tall
until all we are
is a dot in the shadows


Rushing to and fro
unsure which way to go
always running this time of year
looking for Christmas cheer

Take some time slow it down
before smiles become frowns
stress isn’t healthy it’s true
rushing is no good for you

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