Perhaps I should be sorry
maybe there should be regrets
but I find I can’t seem to be
and regrets are a waste of time

Once the choice was made
needn’t bother to take it back
for it remains in the forever
and there is nothing else

Change a life ruin a life
what difference does it make
nothing to be done about it
once it takes flight

Still not sorry
without even one regret
in that one small instant
the moment that we met


And lo though I walk through this life with no regret

the shadows they follow me still

the past is gone but unforgotten as yet

it lingers at the corners against my will


And lo though I walk knowing it is better now

the stitches of the wounds remain

to completely erase rewind forget somehow

these things I cannot yet attain


And lo though I walk in love and light

the darkness that once was creeps in and out

even though I resist with all my might

just  a little twinge just a little doubt


And lo though I walk renewed and stronger

the shadows remain just out of reach

wishing them gone to be here no longer

but there are still lessons they must teach


To be free of the past is a step at a time

there’s no determining reason or rhyme

different for all harder for some

the journey to what it is we are to become


Leaving behind those who were lies and pain

regaining what it feels like to be once again sane

time passes slowly healing in moments and what is true

turning once again making brand new


Those who have hurt you those who have lied

free now to turn and leave them aside

the love of someone who means it replacing the past

free in mind free in spirit freedom has come at last


The journey while painful teaching so much more

opening the soul to what is now in store

all of the past removed as if it were dead

looking forward now to only what is ahead

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