The memories they linger
no matter how long it’s been
is it as hard as it seems
to make them go

Why do they stay
are the feelings still there
is it that the love refuses
to go

Or is it something else
guilt perhaps
and the unforgiven
who won’t go

Always in the mind
the first memories awake
or asleep
why don’t they go

Will they stay forever
is there no way to be free
still here
please go


If only there were an eraser big enough
to wipe the memories clean
leave nothing behind
seen and unseen

Take away what will not leave
lingering ghosts of the past
maybe then the mind
could be free at last

Places, faces, feelings, choices
everything connected to you
back to when I believed
what was said was true

Every day they come
to bring the hurt anew
why can’t an eraser
wipe my mind of you


The time has come to say goodbye
today becomes a piece of the past
now to start a new journey
ready to take those steps at last

The memories of all there was
entwined within our heart
remaining there forever more
even though we will be apart

In years to come we will recall
the laughter, tears and all we shared
we will never truly forget
how much we all cared

But now the time has come at last
can’t stop it no matter how we try
all that now is left
is just to say goodbye


spring rain
The last time that you were there
it was Spring as it is now
and I was there
watching you slip away

remembering all the past
memories flooding me like a Spring rain
somehow it was only the good things
the last time that you were there

The last time that you were there
tears flowed like a melting river
as if my soul could be washed clean
and I was there

The last time you were there
new life waited to begin
as part of my life ended
and I was there


Molten gold now hard and cold
Tiny sparkles of light lined in twisted rows
Wrapping their arms around a center star
Like a galaxy filled with unnumbered delights

The finger grows older more lined
The love grows sweeter and more refined
The golden sparkle remains with a new owner
One filled with memories of the wearer who came before


Somehow the past remains at the edges
lapping against the mind as waves upon the sand
taking a bit here and a bit there leaving no trace
and yet you feel it there a shadow and a thought

You believe that you’ve moved beyond the past
that regret is not something you live with
but at the edges its cold and icy fingers reach in
and you can barely feel it

You work to stay in the center avoiding the dark edges
keeping the shadows of what was out of the what is
pushing down the memories pushing back on the waves
always reconstructing the wall

The memories they whisper they brush at your mind
each one growing fainter and yet the icy touch still there
time to push back move away towards the center
live as if they don’t exist


And lo though I walk through this life with no regret

the shadows they follow me still

the past is gone but unforgotten as yet

it lingers at the corners against my will


And lo though I walk knowing it is better now

the stitches of the wounds remain

to completely erase rewind forget somehow

these things I cannot yet attain


And lo though I walk in love and light

the darkness that once was creeps in and out

even though I resist with all my might

just  a little twinge just a little doubt


And lo though I walk renewed and stronger

the shadows remain just out of reach

wishing them gone to be here no longer

but there are still lessons they must teach


All the while I thought I had put it all away

the memories of what was left as they lay

with just one look there they came rushing back again

taking my heart back to remember when

So hard I’ve tried to push away at the edges of my soul

slowly piecing back together the parts to make a whole

and rushing back now overwhelmed unable to make them stop

like raindrops of memory drop by drop by drop

Like a river it overtakes me and I can no longer breathe it seems

invading every thought awake even into my dreams

things I thought were long since gone are back just as real

if I could only find a way to no longer feel

Rushing waters of memory wash over my soul as waves upon the sand

battering on every emotion so hard now just to stand

slowly I push back until the water I no longer feel

left once again to wonder what was and wasn’t real

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