If for every thought or every word
we might just pause before we think
a moment before we speak
would we change direction

A simple pause could save the pain
our thoughts and words might do
and we could change them in our
hearts before the pause was done

Each time we judge another’s life
and the words are formed within
if just one pause we could take
before the hurt begins

Pause to love
pause to think
pause to change direction
just a moment is all it takes


Whether or not one is happy is not a product of environment
what is happening to them, what they are going through
it has nothing to do with their struggles or joys
if someone hurt them or loved them

Whether or not one is happy has only to do with what they believe
what they allow to become manifest in their thoughts
what they allow to take over their minds
not their emotions, not their hearts

Whether or not one is happy is completely controlled within
it is not the without that affects how one feels
it is how they let the without affect how they think
happy is within their control

Just like being happy is within your control
what you think is manifest into how you feel
and no one, nothing, can make you feel anything unless you allow it
happy is as happy thinks….you choose whether or not to think happy

what will you choose today…..

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