Trickling closer dark tendrils
icy along your skin
unseen around your heart
chill that fills your soul

Dark no light to find
they seek the corners
waiting for the next body
watching from the black


We become wounded by what is said
injured by what is done
because we let it happen

Petty people with small minds
creating harm with word and deed
in their own unhappiness

We let the whispers cut us
and let the actions touch our emotions
as they continue to gossip

This harm can only hurt if we let
we choose what where when how
they are of no consequence


We have all met them along the line
the ones who smile to our face
pretend to be friends and yet
mutter behind our backs

Those who try to seek out secrets
from you about you about others
so they can mutter them under their breath
gossipmonger that they are

One face in front another in back
never to be trusted always waiting to attack
twisting turning the words always churning
a cauldron of bubbling wickedness

They mutter what they truly think
when they think you can’t hear
or because they want you to just to try
and get a response

Insecure and filled with self loathing
transferring those feelings onto everyone else
they mutter because they can’t speak the truth
when into the mirror they look


If for every thought or every word
we might just pause before we think
a moment before we speak
would we change direction

A simple pause could save the pain
our thoughts and words might do
and we could change them in our
hearts before the pause was done

Each time we judge another’s life
and the words are formed within
if just one pause we could take
before the hurt begins

Pause to love
pause to think
pause to change direction
just a moment is all it takes

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