Love Spreads

By Liam Flanagan

Photo by Matt Collamer on Unsplash

I ask is there something wrong with peace and quiet
On the streets
Due to inequities and injustice
Money causing the rise of self-interest and selfish reward
War and conflict causing the disruption of the mind
A commodity costing nothing yet often times so hard to find
Compassion and Humility
Values to be admired and encouraged
Goodness and Quality ideals to be strived for
Acts of altruism applauded and admired
We have all become of a world of materialism and profit
Love makes the world spin around no matter how much value

Liam Flanagan is a 48 year old living in Galway on the west coast of Ireland. Degree in English and Philosophy. Teaching Diploma in IT. Ten years experience working in the IT industry. Likes Sport, Music, Film and Politics


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