All at once breathtaking and beautiful
strength in every angle and space
gliding as if suspended in air
movement motion breathless

As if it’s so easy
the most natural thing there is
like breathing unconscious
it just is and you just are

Muscles rippling definition unbound
wordlessly gripping there is no sound
the sight of you amazing there are no words
breathless and beautiful are all that is heard

A slight touch the familiar smell
skin that becomes a raging fire
unable to look away
in this moment breathless


There are doors in life that should never be opened
and doors that you wish you had
there are doors that take you to the wrong places
and doors that only make you sad

There are doors in life that are unanswered questions
never having been explored
and doors that let you learn and grow
and those that leave you bored

There are doors in life you’re too scared to open
for fear that you will fail to walk through
and those that steal away pieces of your soul
in ways you never knew

There are doors that lead to both good and bad
and those that lead to nowhere at all
doors that change your life and those that make you pay
and then some are just a bathroom stall


It’s in the things you choose
and within the games you lose
the truth of who you are inside
and everything you cannot hide

Never in the winning plays
and not in the glory of talented days
what’s revealed is never in the light
only in the dark of night

Not ever there when things are best
when you’re at one moment better than the rest
it shows when things don’t go your way
the truth leaves nothing left to say

It’s what’s revealed when the lights of fame go out
when self promotion is not what you’re about
the truth of who you truly are and have always been
shown like a spotlight on the character of men

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