Not what you think
no terror involved
no pain or anger
screams of the happy

Like a boiling pot
not of toil or trouble
or any witches brew
just happy bubbles

Like happy magic
constantly heard
it never stops
this happy

Today tomorrow
same it will be
thrilling ecstatic
inside screams

Maybe they spill out
for all to hear
but I won’t care
happy screams here


sunshine rainbows
No worries or tears
without any pain or troubles
all certainty and happiness
this place I’ve never been

No cares or doubts
without any hurt or sadness
all fulfilled and joyful
this place I’ve never been

No anger or stress
without any conflict or issues
all smiles and relaxation
this place I’ve never been

No storm clouds or gray skies
without any gloom or despair
all sunshine and rainbows
this place I’ve never been


Rays of love reaching into my soul

making me happy making me whole

warming my spirit lifting my heart

staying with you never to part


Rays of love filling my need

the roots now growing from just a small seed

where once I was alone and searching for you

now I know love both old and brand new


Rays of love as fingers holding my spirit tight

guiding me through day leading me through night

wrapped in the blanket of a love so true

inside it there is only me there is only you


Rays of love never want to let them go

taking it simple taking it slow

knowing now what is true what is real

rays of love are all I want to feel

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