Through this maze of darkened struggle
at times lost and still others found
the walk long the truth is not easy
just trying to get up off the ground

Nagging at the corners never quiet
the past it whispers you are there
inside it we try to find the way
afraid to share

We try to run it winds ever still
this heart maze ever changing never finished
all that come in truly never leave
the pieces found along the way

Struggle against the infinity
where is the place without whispers
the twists and turns and on it goes
slaves we have become continuing to walk


Seeping into my dreams like a misty fog
nothing I can do to stop it
it invades my sleep an uninvited intruder
until you become all that I can see

Between the fog of awake and asleep it exists
this dream I cannot remove from my mind
over and over the scenes replay
and you are always there

It comes only in the night when I cannot prevent it
filling my thoughts with feelings believed to be long dead
as if you are right there with me I can almost smell you as I sleep
and it is you who is always there

As awakening approaches they start to fade
the vision becomes dimmer by the daylight through the window
and just like before I wake to find
that you were never there at all

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