Rushing to and fro
unsure what day it is
online and to stores we go
seeking gifts to buy

Nonstop action so it seems
barely stopping
even to notice
those in need

Concerned with our lives
lists with our family
our friends only
charity found nowhere

Too busy for homeless
hopeless helpless creatures
who fill out town
and streets

Worried only about us
what we need to do
to get to give
so selfish

Going here and there
walking right be them
lost as we are
in a holidaze


Last straw
bridges burned
choices made
all done

Warned once
then twice
never listened
paid price

Road end
no turns
one way
lessons learned

Sent away
no choice
you decided
this course

Last straw
last bend
done now
the end


Choose to accept less
to be treated badly
because it’s too scary
to be alone

Choose to stay
in a bad relationship
because you think
you can’t do better

Choose to take
the pain
because you feel
you deserve it

Choose to believe
all people act this way
so there’s no reason
to look for more

Choose the situation
you’re in
or choose differently
but you choose


Perhaps I should be sorry
maybe there should be regrets
but I find I can’t seem to be
and regrets are a waste of time

Once the choice was made
needn’t bother to take it back
for it remains in the forever
and there is nothing else

Change a life ruin a life
what difference does it make
nothing to be done about it
once it takes flight

Still not sorry
without even one regret
in that one small instant
the moment that we met


Once, when I was less
than what I am today
I let myself think
that it was just okay

The choices that were made
once, when I was clouded
and the wisdom I once had
was dark and shrouded

Down the path
to be deceived
my own version of the truth
I then believed

To almost lose it all
throw everything away
a decision based on lies
once, when I was less than what I am today


new day

New year tho nothing truly is
same it seems but for a date
and a year to grow older
not much new in this

Opportunity is new
chance to change, grow
choices yet to make
new roads to travel

New time once again given
tho not a guarantee
to make each moment new
for another may not come

Day 1 to be as happy
as you make your mind up to be
new yes same yes
it’s all in what you see


Strings that connect us
bind us together with energy
a touch on one is a touch on all
the vibrations extend to the infinite

A kindness done to one
becomes new to another
traveling down the strings
to reach strangers untold

Choices made in this moment
become roads taken paths traveled
down the long life strings
affecting all some small some large

Strings that resonate far beyond your space
to reach into the hearts minds lives of the many
actions of the one touching the infinite
connected never ending


Whether or not one is happy is not a product of environment
what is happening to them, what they are going through
it has nothing to do with their struggles or joys
if someone hurt them or loved them

Whether or not one is happy has only to do with what they believe
what they allow to become manifest in their thoughts
what they allow to take over their minds
not their emotions, not their hearts

Whether or not one is happy is completely controlled within
it is not the without that affects how one feels
it is how they let the without affect how they think
happy is within their control

Just like being happy is within your control
what you think is manifest into how you feel
and no one, nothing, can make you feel anything unless you allow it
happy is as happy thinks….you choose whether or not to think happy

what will you choose today…..


There are doors in life that should never be opened
and doors that you wish you had
there are doors that take you to the wrong places
and doors that only make you sad

There are doors in life that are unanswered questions
never having been explored
and doors that let you learn and grow
and those that leave you bored

There are doors in life you’re too scared to open
for fear that you will fail to walk through
and those that steal away pieces of your soul
in ways you never knew

There are doors that lead to both good and bad
and those that lead to nowhere at all
doors that change your life and those that make you pay
and then some are just a bathroom stall

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