Holiday blues
have come to visit
sliding up inside
in mind

Came silently
without much notice
until they stayed
without warning

Usually happy
this time of year
not so much
this time

Feeling weepy
a lot stressed
not sure why
oh dear

Go away
and very soon
these holiday blues
from me


It’s funny how some people transfer their emotions
taking what they gave to one and sliding it to another
replacing what they threw away with the same yet not
It’s funny and then, it’s sad at the same time

Where once so easily they gave themselves to one
they turn around and transfer it to someone else
it’s funny how quickly they turn their backs
and sad at how they can’t make it on their own

It’s funny to realize that they constantly try to plug holes
spaces inside themselves they can’t fill because they’re lost
funny becomes extremely sad when you watch how they live
never able to be happy with who they are

It’s funny and sad and yet not unexpected
someone you know so well it only stands to reason
this is all they can do incapable of being anything more
so they transfer and yet the holes remain forever

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