Inexorably slowly continuously
hands of time move always
even if you don’t hear

Creeping crawling moving
never stopping ever
even if you don’t see

Speed haste fast
seemingly quicker each second
even if you don’t feel

Quicker faster hastier
seconds seems smaller
even if you don’t know

Another year almost gone
365 days nearly spent
even if you don’t want


Staying only a while
short brief fleeting
here then gone
forever moving

Past long gone
future not arrived
present counted in
only seconds

Each one small
gone in a blink
wasted on so much

Once gone
never to return
lost in the sea
of what was

attend to the
here and now
before it is
lost and forgotten

Once gone it
can never be


Past is gone
future not yet here
there is only

Memories no regrets
over what was
now is all
we have

Tomorrow awaits
but is not
reside only in
the now

This moment
nothing more
live in this

Shake off
the past
do not worry
for the future

Now today
this instant
now is all the
time we have


They say with time all is known
things we will someday be shown
time to learn time to live
and it is only you my love I give

They say with time all wounds heal
that tomorrow will change the way we feel
everything will move and grow
and I love you more than you can know

They say with time all things are clear
that the unknown is what we truly fear
the things left hidden inside the heart
and it is you I have loved right from the start

They say with time all things must end
that each passing second brings it closer again
though death must come and none can forestall
and until then I will love you with my all


Yellow and orange bright red as if in fire

beautiful breathtaking valleys covered in fall

crisp morning air sun streaked skies

as if in unison the universe sighs

Color so vivid taken in each one by one

aspens cottonwoods colors of fall

painted in brush strokes strong and tall

a kaleidoscope for the eyes and the soul

Change and renewal the passage of time

colors to mark each turn of the day

following the seasons as in life

each moment a piece of remembrance

Colors to fill valleys paint mountains touch souls

the past and future meeting in a time honored dance

blending of time one season to a new

the colors of fall the colors of you

© Deborah Horton Writing


Time passes us by without even a pause to see

catching up always with you and with me

where children were once helpless and small

with each passing minute they grow stronger and tall

Time marches on with each dawn of the day

no words can stop it nothing we say

though we wish them to stay young they continue to grow

and soon will be adults before we know

Each year a new grade each year a new birthday to come

wanting to hold on to the past far too long for some

but time advances on and they grow so fast it seems

living out their hopes and dreams

Time engulfs us all our children is where we see it more

taking childhood away showing us what’s in store

each new grade they become more grown up slowly slipping away

but in our hearts they will always stay

Deborah Horton Writing

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