Day before the day
anticipation in full
waiting on Santa
the sleigh to pull

Hours tick by slowly
each one counted out
closer to Christmas
building to a shout

Presents that mock us
all around the tree
seemingly screaming
open me open me

No matter the age
kids still await
Christmas morning
to learn their gift fate

Day before the day
waiting for it to leave
the longest day of all
happy Christmas Eve!


Not what you think
no terror involved
no pain or anger
screams of the happy

Like a boiling pot
not of toil or trouble
or any witches brew
just happy bubbles

Like happy magic
constantly heard
it never stops
this happy

Today tomorrow
same it will be
thrilling ecstatic
inside screams

Maybe they spill out
for all to hear
but I won’t care
happy screams here


Once there was only a part
a piece of a life
convinced it was all there was
drifting alone

Believing it was fine
to be this way forever
just a deceit
because it was never true

A part, a piece nothing more
a life half lived
searching trying to find
something, someone

Found and now together
one part you one part me
knowing this forever
one plus one makes a whole


There but for grace
would I be in your place
your trials to bear
but for grace I would be there

Those who cry
and those who die
moms with children ill
those who’ve lost the will

But for grace it would be me
in places sad to be
the hardships unnumbered
with frailty encumbered

But for grace I am not there
my life beyond compare
pray some of my grace falls to thee
thankful always not to be


Whether or not one is happy is not a product of environment
what is happening to them, what they are going through
it has nothing to do with their struggles or joys
if someone hurt them or loved them

Whether or not one is happy has only to do with what they believe
what they allow to become manifest in their thoughts
what they allow to take over their minds
not their emotions, not their hearts

Whether or not one is happy is completely controlled within
it is not the without that affects how one feels
it is how they let the without affect how they think
happy is within their control

Just like being happy is within your control
what you think is manifest into how you feel
and no one, nothing, can make you feel anything unless you allow it
happy is as happy thinks….you choose whether or not to think happy

what will you choose today…..


And to my heart you make me smile

bring me happiness for a while

it can be silly it can be sweet

to touch a heart no easy feat


So easily you bring the smile to my face and heart

how to touch me deep inside you know just where to start

sometimes silly sometimes sweet all the time love from you

I am just amazed by this thing you do.


No matter what my day is like you are always there

with a quick smile and laugh waiting just to share

My heart it smiles every time along with my face

you know just how to touch me you know the exact place.


When I think of all the people who love me so

you are the first that my heart does know

and again I smile down to my heart into my very soul

nothing but the smile you give to always make me whole.

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