Reaching out for a hand
to hold as we fall
hoping it will save
wishing, knowing not at all

What if the hand’s not there
how then do we survive
when we are all that’s left to hold
do we remain alive

Is there any way to tell
what tomorrow brings
will we awake
when the alarm bell rings

We keep reaching
looking to find hope
just tie a knot
at the end of your rope


Unable to help
or make things better
sometimes there’s just

Pain so great
depression so real
unable to stop
the way you feel

Try to help
there to listen
the wall is too high
something is missing

No sound
but the weight
is deafening

Unable to stop
the inevitable train
when at last
she gives in to pain


Only fifteen
without a home
living where I can
no help

One shirt
a single pair of shorts
one hooded sweatshirt
no more

Little food
just what I get at school
nothing after that
no more

Without love
parents long gone
nobody that cares
no love

Twenty below
hiding in abandoned buildings
it’s so cold
no heat

School today
walking just to be there
just to get warm
no lie

Got nothing
without anyone
this is my life
no hope

I wrote this poem today about a student I personally know at the high school where I work…and they are not the exception. There are many just like this and many even worse off. Right here, in my town. The stories are heartbreaking. Each year the school has a gift card drive in December for these kids. My boss, Ms. Shelli Strouf, Assistant Principal, heads this drive up. We collect gift cards and distribute them to these kids for basic needs of life clothes, shoes, food, coats. We have many homeless, shelter, foster and worse off kids. We are collecting gift cards now, cards for stores, food places, anything will help. You can send the cards to Billings Senior High School 425 Grand Avenue Billings, Montana 59101 atten: Ms. Shelli Strouf. Thanks for caring ♥


Cry out for help
but only you can hear
nothing remains
only the fear

Wanting the help
unable to speak
look for strength
only to be weak

Where is the help
searching not found
in darkness bound

Cry out for help
speak through pains
perhaps someone
will save what remains


If only everyone could have a helping hand
just even once in a while
what a difference it would make
the hand that leads to a smile

When you’re down when you’re low
the hand that lifts you up
when you’re lost when you’re alone
the hand that shows you’re not

When things go well, when the job is done
a hand that pats your back
when you fall and struggle to get back up
the hand that leads the way

If everyone for just one moment would reach out their hand
to those who struggle to those who succeed to those who try again
how many would it help whose life would it change
if the hand belongs to you it might be yours

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