Winning often comes in inches or in the next step
when all you want to do is quit when nothing else is left
you pick yourself back up again sometimes in pain and fear
and remember everything and everyone that got you here

You feel as though you’ve reached the end
and that there’s nothing more
search inside yourself for any hope at all
you wonder how you’ve gone on before

Victory is won in inches in the tiny steps you take
in leaving everything behind and seeing the end that is yours to make
letting go of doubt of fear of pain of those who say you can’t
by sheer force of will you take the next inch just a little more

Nothing comes as sweet as winning won through mighty struggle
the knowing that after all you are still there to stand in victory
for it is not the winning that truly matters in the end
it is the fight that offers the soul something more


Success is what you make it all in what you do

the way you take a dream and see it through

no one else can give it to you it’s something that you earn

and in success it’s through failure that you truly learn

Success can be in the small things or in the very great

but it does not come to those who sit and wait

only to you who are willing to work to sacrifice to begin again and again

to never see a roadblock as truly an end

Success comes to those who never point fingers or blame others when they fail

when they stumble they never whine or wail

responsible for their own mistakes and for their own shots at being great

they open their own doors and walk through their own gates

Success has to be created, worked for, taken by you

with every word you speak or write, with everything you do

no one can give it to you it comes from deep inside

in the heart of the successful all great things reside

© photo by Calsidyrose

Deborah Horton Writing

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