Cry out for help
but only you can hear
nothing remains
only the fear

Wanting the help
unable to speak
look for strength
only to be weak

Where is the help
searching not found
in darkness bound

Cry out for help
speak through pains
perhaps someone
will save what remains


Always here but they don’t see
looking at but right through me
standing beside them always near
never knowing what they should fear

Quietly watching all that they do
observing things that they never knew
always here but they don’t see
invisible me

Another Poetry Club poem


Here but they don’t see
look right through
but not at me
and yet I am here still

Too busy too self involved
to see anyone outside of them
those who hurt those who need
never knowing I am here

Invisible I stand so close
enough to feel them breathe
yet they see me not
as we stand side by side

Here I am
yet I am invisible
they do not see
and soon I will be gone

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