We are all just freaks inside
some on display some who hide
there’s always something just below
some in public some they don’t know

It could be something simple and small
or something waiting to consume all
the small voice never quiet
sometimes controlled sometimes a riot

We are all just freaks of one kind or another
some show the world some try to smother
the freaks we can live with and those we don’t
those we have as friends and those we won’t

Everyone all of us freaks in this life together
some still grounded yet others on a tiny tether
those who live easy and those who struggle not to die
some who seem quite normal and those who just wonder why

In end we are all freaks walking through this life
some who get along and some know only strife
those who feel love and others who know pain
yet and still beautiful freaks we are all again


Somehow the past remains at the edges
lapping against the mind as waves upon the sand
taking a bit here and a bit there leaving no trace
and yet you feel it there a shadow and a thought

You believe that you’ve moved beyond the past
that regret is not something you live with
but at the edges its cold and icy fingers reach in
and you can barely feel it

You work to stay in the center avoiding the dark edges
keeping the shadows of what was out of the what is
pushing down the memories pushing back on the waves
always reconstructing the wall

The memories they whisper they brush at your mind
each one growing fainter and yet the icy touch still there
time to push back move away towards the center
live as if they don’t exist

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