so completely
like a vapor
as if never here
my heart still remembers
soul that aches for you
memories are all that are left
still remember the pained tears
all the wasted years
no true closure
not completely


Each one welcome
to slowly wash
earth and soul

Quench a thirst
overdue so long
drops on drops

Giving new life
cooling the fire
bringing sweet relief

Earth and soul
cool and refreshed
drops and drops


And to my heart you make me smile

bring me happiness for a while

it can be silly it can be sweet

to touch a heart no easy feat


So easily you bring the smile to my face and heart

how to touch me deep inside you know just where to start

sometimes silly sometimes sweet all the time love from you

I am just amazed by this thing you do.


No matter what my day is like you are always there

with a quick smile and laugh waiting just to share

My heart it smiles every time along with my face

you know just how to touch me you know the exact place.


When I think of all the people who love me so

you are the first that my heart does know

and again I smile down to my heart into my very soul

nothing but the smile you give to always make me whole.


Taken as a whole life is quite complex

day to day the living not knowing what comes next

so many things leave little holes dents inside the soul

but then there are just a few that tend to make one whole


To have someone who loves you no matter what you are

to go with you each step of the way whether near or far

holding your hand holding your heart they never let you go

having someone that makes you whole is all you need to know


They can take all the dents all the holes and patch them over with a kiss

make you realize that there is nothing in this life you miss

for you have it all right in front of you love to fill the gaps

into the very soul of you each touch from them taps


Everything that was no longer means anything to me

as if the past the people there were dead you see

surrounded now by an envelope of love to feel

it makes me whole love’s power to heal



Brown and round large flecks of gold

the kind of thing a person could get lost in

lashes so long they reach for the sky

afraid to look for fear of being lost in them

As if they look right through me

so warm so unafraid seeking out my face

when the sun hits them the gold shines so bright

it takes my breath away

Never really noticed until you were inches from my lips

how they drink in everything around each look a little more

every feeling so expressed inside those lash framed eyes

so easy to fall in one look is all it takes

Feeling them on me turning to see their beauty

never wanting to stop transfixed by the colors

by the emotion wrapped within only wanting more

reach into my soul just a look and I am yours

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