All the feels

applied to everything

people places things



Never a moment

just to be

you must have the



Emotional overflow

life colored by emotions

at every turn



If only you knew

that sentiment is

a chemical defect found

on the losing side.



So much gone
never to be found
not enough tomorrows
for the lost

Searching in vain
frantically running
seeking something
always lost

Plugging the holes
it never holds
over and over you try
still lost

No more tomorrows
time far gone
remaining empty
forever lost



Reaching out for a hand
to hold as we fall
hoping it will save
wishing, knowing not at all

What if the hand’s not there
how then do we survive
when we are all that’s left to hold
do we remain alive

Is there any way to tell
what tomorrow brings
will we awake
when the alarm bell rings

We keep reaching
looking to find hope
just tie a knot
at the end of your rope


How easily each stress
becomes a mountain
pushed every higher
each passing day
can start small
a grain of sand
inevitably growing larger
we make it so
small hill larger hill
small mountain larger mountain
what we allow it to be
make it become
added to every day
few more feet tall
until all we are
is a dot in the shadows


All fun and games
until someone gets hurt
played well and badly
both without thinking

Manipulations and machinations
taking turns
roll of the dice
chance or choice

Everybody plays
some better than others
winners losers
no in between

twists turns
always something new
questions no answers
just games

Every day starts anew
begin again
all fun and games
until someone gets hurt


Such a sap
cry so easy
with every holiday

Each song
and scene
bringing tears
back again

Tender heart
soft soul
spirit open
emotions broken

Such a sap
little things
touch the heart
tears fall

CocaCola bears
Apple Christmas videos
stories of magical
holiday cheer

Music plays
scenes fill the screen
once again
such a sap


From far away
it seems okay
but up close it’s
a big old mess

Lives of others seem
from far away
much more perfect
than is true

From afar they appear
beautifully put together
something to be

Closer inspection reveals
true brush strokes
mashed together
and messy

Even closer looks
become blurs of
noise and color
and truth

Perfect from afar
others lives but
up close just a
full on Monet


Ever there
from where
I know not
never leaving

Easing now
and then
I know not

Waking sleeping
no difference
the cause
I know not

less more
always present
how long
I know not


For all of my insanity
and all the things I’ve tried
it seems that only you
are my remedy

Everything about you
is only ever wrong
but my insanity
never stops

Quieting the madness
if only for a second
with all the choices
still you are my remedy

Try to let you go
not come back again
as the madness grows
I let you in

For all my insanity
nothing else will do
it still seems
my only remedy is you


Slipping slowly down
trying not to drown
life’s troubles everywhere
no breath left to share

Waiting, longing just to be
a single breath for me
it never comes in time
and so I die within this rhyme

(Another Poetry Club poem)

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