In the mending of a heart

the broken edges pieced and sewn

taking in all that broke apart

closing up the pain you’ve known


New people new feelings growing over the seams

stitches filling the rips of pain

the past that broke you now only dreams

time now taken to try to make you sane


Stitches felt only slightly with fingers of the soul

still there and yet less or so I’m told

seemingly now to be somewhat whole

the burning hot fire of the pain growing cold


In these stitches lie the hurts of the past

dreams broken love lost hope all gone

in the twilight now at last

my heart and it’s stitches all alone


Not the tangible something unseen

down deep inside in the in between

where others may doubt and not believe

your belief is not what they perceive


A life lived not for others or on what they say

for it is up to you to find another way

it is within your own mind the strength to find

to all others keep your belief blind


What lies within stronger than all that surrounds without

these people do not know what you are about

supposition rumor predisposed opinion mean nothing to you

it is only your soul that knows what is true


Belief in oneself comes inside through highs and lows

it comes in the places no one else knows

always it should come first from your own soul

never depend on others to make your belief whole


All the things you lost because of what you’ve done

all you could have had and now you’re left with none

time and time again offered everything you dreamed

only to find that you were nothing that you seemed


Could have had it all but lost everything with your lies

cannot get it back no matter how many tries

forever lost all that you worked for so long

now you’re at the bottom where you truly belong


All of it could have been yours if only you were true

success unlike anything you knew

just waiting there for you to take

and all that you have lost with just the one mistake


Now you are so much less than you could have been

and nothing that you wanted will ever come again

lost it all no one’s fault but your own it’s true

no one else to blame for there is only you

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