All Time Great

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Lifting an entire city

his swing a work of art

Hammerin’ Hank

baseball’s beating heart

Home run record broken

before steroids playing it clean

an achievement to cheer

amazing to be seen

Suffering racial injustice

death threats and more

standing tall

for those to come and those before

Civil rights leader

change hoped for and endless work done

a man of peace and power

legendary one

On the field a hero of sports

off the field a hero of hearts

gone now in body

but the spirit never departs



Day one filled with hope
no losses yet incurred
fresh beginnings at the start
last year’s season blurred

First pitch, first hit, first run
all brand new again
always optimistic
hoping for the win

Days go by as summer comes
win or lose still we hope
more losses than wins some weeks
and then we mope

Season end draws ever near
we hope the postseason to play
whatever comes for our team
optimistic we remain each day


Grass so green like each stem painted
the dirt richly red
lines of chalk white as the snow
and in the air the smell of sunshine

Cloudless sky bluer than the ocean
gently the breeze surrounds
oiled leather mixed with the perfume of doing work
spilling over into me

Popcorn and cotton candy
the smell of the grill
an ice cold beer that melts away
the tastes of the game

Cheers and groans
the battle ensues
as the afternoon drifts
my own piece of heaven

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