Hubris In Psychiatry


The Greek word ‘Hubris’ is defined as having an excessive self-importance or arrogance. It is a word I have been thinking of over the last few days particularly after a meeting I had with a consultant psychiatrist recently. To say I was under-whelmed is an understatement. Not for the first time I came out of a meeting with a consultant with a combination of little hope and total disappointment.

For years now I have been engaged with mental health services. During that time my over-riding impression of the paradigm within which psychiatry works is deeply flawed and is failing those whom have turned to the services for

This is down to a number of reasons one of which being the role performed by consultant psychiatrists. My overall impression of those I have met is they are out of touch with the pain and suffering some of their patients are
experiencing and are lacking in any meaningful duty of care.

They seem to believe because the so called ‘service user’ has a problem of the mind they are in some way intellectually challenged or deficit in an ability to cope. The profession seems to be over-run by doctors who think they know
better or possess a degree of arrogance and inertia unsurpassed by most.

In essence there is very little compassion in psychiatry. Just because someone is living with a mental illness does not mean they are deficient in intellect or emotional intelligence.

The truth is Psychiatry is all in Head while Life is all in the Heart.

Liam Flanagan is a 47-year-old living in Galway on the west coast of Ireland. Degree in English and Philosophy. Teaching Diploma in IT. Ten years of experience working in the IT industry. Likes Sport, Music, Film and Politics.

Shine A Light Into The Darkness


Photo by Yun Xu on Unsplash

There is no need for you to be engulfed in the dark
You have a voice to express how you are feeling
Is in your hands an attainable objective
Be subjective
Take the time to find your way out of the quagmire
As you may be summon the energy to get some help
You owe it to yourself to look after your health
Brighter days lie ahead
You can go back to enjoying life
Once you find a resolution to the problem inside your head
If you are struggling and feeling like you can no longer cope
There is always someone there who can provide you with support
and hope

By Liam Flanagan

Your Health Is Your Wealth


Photo by Yayan Sopian on Unsplash

Now more than ever have we come
to appreciate the importance of our
physical and mental well being
While we all have been caught up
in the proverbial rat race striving for
a bigger house a newer car more expensive
clothes and a larger bank balance
We have come to a shuddering halt
No matter how rich or poor the situation
remains the same
Nobody is immune
Maybe once this is all over the value we put
on finances will decrease
We will remind ourselves money is a man
made invention
Now is the time to spend as much as we
need to help solve this global health and
resulting economic crisis
Once we come out the other side we can
print more
Society is coming together to contribute
to defeating this virus
This is an opportunity for the world to decide
in the future are we to consider ourselves as
consumers or as human beings

By Liam Flanagan

Endorphins & Mental Health


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Whenever my dogs play, go outside, go for a walk, or do anything physical, afterward, they’re ALL smiles.

Do you know why? Because endorphinsmake you SMILE, feel good, enhance your mental health, and also help decrease the pain you might be experiencing in your life mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

The world could be a little bit happier, a little bit more smiley, and feel a little bit more cheerful inside if they released more endorphins every day.

With depression and mental illness growing rampant, releasing endorphins is one sure way you can help combat negative feelings, states of beings, and moods. It does take some effort on your part, but you always feel better once you complete an endorphin-releasing activity.

Smile More & Be Grateful

We shouldn’t be freaked out by people who often smile; instead, we should ask them what they have to smile about. Next, we should ask ourselves:

  1. What can I smile about?
  2. What can I be grateful for?
  3. What do I get to do today that I might be taking for granted?

Being grateful can be transformative to your mental health.

Endorphin Releasing Ideas

Here are some easy ways to release endorphins:

  • Dance to some catchy a** music.
  • Complete a goal.
  • Take a walk first thing in the morning.
  • Laugh (very underrated).
  • Workout with a friend.
  • Stretch and focus on your breathing.
  • Have a stimulating conversation.
  • Complete an easter egg hunt.
  • Go ziplining.
  • Play ball with your dogs (one of my dogs is OBSESSED w/ playing fetch 24/7).

The way to release endorphins doesn’t have to be in the form of a traditional workout. Get creative. Do something fun. Stimulate your mind, body, and soul. Try something you’ve never experienced before.


One of my favorite ways to release endorphins, help with any pain I feel in my body at times, and de-stress is to walk. The more I walk, the better I feel — holistically. When I consistently take walks, I notice multiple areas (e.g., work, mood, spiritual health, and mental clarity, to name a few.) of my life improve. Walking is also one of the easiest ways to feel better — immediately.

There are so many benefits of walking:

  • Increase in mental clarity
  • De-stress
  • Gather new ideas
  • De-escalate anger and anxiety
  • Increase mobility
  • Maintain a healthy weight

Closing Thoughts

Remember to laugh. Remember to smile. Remember to release more endorphins.

Life can take its toll on you when you forget to enjoy it. Your body, spirit, and overall health will thank you for consistently releasing more endorphins.

Take Action: What can you start doing more of to release endorphins starting today?

And here’s one last thing picture to hopefully make you smile. Cheers!

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Find Margin

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

Pause when options and crises come

take time to evaluate what serves you

immediate response is not necessary

if it is not life or death

Breathe deeply and slowly

gather yourself and your thoughts

breathe through decisions

not made in haste

Ponder the why of your response

does it serve you or is it serving others only

is it necessary or is it because you choose

examine and ask questions

Choose wisely and for yourself

will it provide margin or take it away

what will the choice require of you

are you enabling others or building resilience

Do what you can with margin

responses should not push you over the edge

they should not be assumed or expected

find and protect your margin

The Gift Of Giving

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‘Tis the season of gift giving. Buying, wrapping, giving, and receiving. We spend so much time searching for the perfect gift and so sometimes so much money. But the best gift we can give is the gift of ourselves.

Christmas brings out the spirit of giving, but giving of ourselves is something we can do all year long. Most all of us live in places where there are other people and it provides us with the opportunity to give to others all the time.

The opportunities are endless. Some take a bit more time than others but all give to others. The only cost is your time and a bit of your heart. Here are some possible opportunities to give of yourself. If you do not have these exact things where you live, I am sure there are things that are similar.

* Provide donations at a local food bank or other similar food distribution place. Many people are in need of food all throughout the year in our communities. Help these places to serve them.

* Adopt a family or children through your local family and children’s services or reach out to child protective services. Offer your time to collect and donate clothes, toys, and other items to help kids in need.

* Organize a hat and mitten tree donation through your school district at all the schools. Or just donate hats and mittens to local schools yourself. There are a lot of kids that are in need of these items during the colder months of the year.

* Organize a gift card drive for at risk and homeless students in your schools at various times throughout the year. Or just donate gift cards to local schools yourself. Gift cards for food and clothing as well as personal care items can help so many.

* Organize a coat and sock drive for your local homeless shelter or other homeless adult services. Or just donate coats and socks to local shelters or other services yourself. Having a coat or a good pair of socks can provide much needed warmth and protection.

* Donate items to local assisted living facilities puzzles, coloring supplies, arts and crafts supplies and other items to fill the time. In almost every town there are places like these with elderly people who are alone. And this year they are more alone than ever before.

* Find out what group homes for adolescent and younger children exist in your area and donate items that they might find useful such as puzzles, games, arts and crafts items, coats and hats, toys. These children are often alone at Christmas and even more so this year.

These are a tiny fraction of the opportunities available for giving of yourself. It does not have to be a big thing or an organized thing. It can be one thing done for one person that makes all the difference. And it can be done all year long. Practice the gift of giving of yourself and you will also be given to in gratitude and love.


Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger on Unsplash

No longer here

you have joined with the cosmos

matter that can not be created

or destroyed

We the left behind

are broken hearted

and sad

you are gone

Each star the brightness

of your smile

the universe

containing your soul

Shining down on us

radiating love

we seek you out

amongst the heavens

Too soon it seems

being without you

yet knowing

the spirit still remains

Wishing you peace

on your journey

and yet

so sorry you are gone


Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

So tired these days

in so many ways

in body, in spirit, in mind

peace is hard to find

So much pressing in

spreading me thin

another task on the pile

just want to rest awhile

So much noise all around

hate and division abound

everyone feels out of control

can I just crawl into a hole

So many clients seen every week

my voice tired so hard to speak

try to help them feel stronger

not sure I can any longer

So tired every day

in every conceivable way

hoping for something to lighten the load

to keep on walking down this road


Photo by Andre Hunter on Unsplash

Like sandpaper
everything feels rough
little bits being shaved off
under constant frustration

Grating changes
lack of control
nothing is normal
feeling untethered

Constant exposure
whether we know it
or not
to possible infection

Affecting home
work school
entire lives

Everyday more
grating and grinding
pushing towards explosions
repetitive frustration

It’s Quite Mental Really

By Robin McNamara

Photo by hesam jr on Unsplash

By Robin McNamara

Like a depressed version of 
Rodan’s Sculpture, the Thinker-

I’m hunched up with an unfolding 
Mind. Out escaped everything. 

Fears, anxiety and phobias, 
All scattered everywhere. 

I almost tripped over my
Arachnophobia in haste to

Escape my coulrophobhia.
It’s no joke really-

That… film, I can’t watch IT.
And that song 99 Red Balloons? 

Definitely can’t listen to that.
I tried to take a walk but-

My Agoraphobia said,
“I’m back bitch.”

So the black dog started 
To whine incessantly,

Inside my head.
And yep, you’ve guessed it-

My phobia: cynophobia did
Not help matters at all.

Now I’ve gone barking mad.

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