The Gift Of Giving

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‘Tis the season of gift giving. Buying, wrapping, giving, and receiving. We spend so much time searching for the perfect gift and so sometimes so much money. But the best gift we can give is the gift of ourselves.

Christmas brings out the spirit of giving, but giving of ourselves is something we can do all year long. Most all of us live in places where there are other people and it provides us with the opportunity to give to others all the time.

The opportunities are endless. Some take a bit more time than others but all give to others. The only cost is your time and a bit of your heart. Here are some possible opportunities to give of yourself. If you do not have these exact things where you live, I am sure there are things that are similar.

* Provide donations at a local food bank or other similar food distribution place. Many people are in need of food all throughout the year in our communities. Help these places to serve them.

* Adopt a family or children through your local family and children’s services or reach out to child protective services. Offer your time to collect and donate clothes, toys, and other items to help kids in need.

* Organize a hat and mitten tree donation through your school district at all the schools. Or just donate hats and mittens to local schools yourself. There are a lot of kids that are in need of these items during the colder months of the year.

* Organize a gift card drive for at risk and homeless students in your schools at various times throughout the year. Or just donate gift cards to local schools yourself. Gift cards for food and clothing as well as personal care items can help so many.

* Organize a coat and sock drive for your local homeless shelter or other homeless adult services. Or just donate coats and socks to local shelters or other services yourself. Having a coat or a good pair of socks can provide much needed warmth and protection.

* Donate items to local assisted living facilities puzzles, coloring supplies, arts and crafts supplies and other items to fill the time. In almost every town there are places like these with elderly people who are alone. And this year they are more alone than ever before.

* Find out what group homes for adolescent and younger children exist in your area and donate items that they might find useful such as puzzles, games, arts and crafts items, coats and hats, toys. These children are often alone at Christmas and even more so this year.

These are a tiny fraction of the opportunities available for giving of yourself. It does not have to be a big thing or an organized thing. It can be one thing done for one person that makes all the difference. And it can be done all year long. Practice the gift of giving of yourself and you will also be given to in gratitude and love.


Soup kitchen
shelter workers
those who provide

bell ringers
those who give

Food banks
holiday meals
those who feed

Prayer warriors
lifting up
those who speak

those who listen

Gift card
those who help

those who offer



So you think you’ve got it bad
believe me there’s always someone worse
just open up your eyes
and listen to this verse

always someone out there
who is suffering more than you
regardless of what you think you know
believe me it is true

someone who is hurting, crying, dying
or wishing that they could
stop thinking just of you
for a moment if you would

see the bigger world
the one where true pain does live
past your own little patch of earth
open up your heart and give


Christmas loveTis the season of giving and receiving
of presents wrapped and trees lit
stockings filled and food and drink
and a celebration of Christ

But also tis the season of need and want
of no presents or trees
no stockings or food
but Christ remains

Tis the season of love
where sharing with others is the gift
remembering the why of Jesus birth
for ALL he came

Tis the season to share
the gift is just that you care
take time to reach out
it could change your life and theirs


‘Tis the season of giving
for some the season of receiving
and for others it is the season
of just the day to day living.

The charitable give to the animals
they give to countless charities
to other countries they give
the needs seem to be endless.

But so many are overlooked in the giving
those you see each day in your own back yards
the homeless children the local downtrodden
the hungry you pass on the street.

For those with a giving heart please take the time
to look into your own back yards for those in need
giving to those who share your town your city
consider them take care of them in the giving.

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