If only there were an eraser big enough
to wipe the memories clean
leave nothing behind
seen and unseen

Take away what will not leave
lingering ghosts of the past
maybe then the mind
could be free at last

Places, faces, feelings, choices
everything connected to you
back to when I believed
what was said was true

Every day they come
to bring the hurt anew
why can’t an eraser
wipe my mind of you


Talk to someone you don’t know today
share a smile with a stranger
include someone in your life
make your circle larger

Give hope to someone who is down
a shoulder to those less strong
listen to a broken heart speak
open your heart wider

Praise someone who has overcome
or one who has done well
a pat on the back can change a life
open your arms farther

Practice inclusion with every step
dismiss none think of all
walk for a second in another’s shoes
open your life each moment more


Each one welcome
to slowly wash
earth and soul

Quench a thirst
overdue so long
drops on drops

Giving new life
cooling the fire
bringing sweet relief

Earth and soul
cool and refreshed
drops and drops


Molten gold now hard and cold
Tiny sparkles of light lined in twisted rows
Wrapping their arms around a center star
Like a galaxy filled with unnumbered delights

The finger grows older more lined
The love grows sweeter and more refined
The golden sparkle remains with a new owner
One filled with memories of the wearer who came before

A Secret Life

A secret life is that important
Hide things we never share
From those who call themselves friends
And those we wish were never there

Things we never speak aloud
Whispers to our hearts
Not where anyone would hear
Use them to pick us apart

A secret life is that important
Holding everything in place
Keeping truth from seeping

Nothing showing on our face

Things we desire
We dare not say
Hidden in depths
Kept so far away

A secret life is that important
Keeps us sane so we believe
When as the spider to the fly
We practice to deceive

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