Brown and round large flecks of gold

the kind of thing a person could get lost in

lashes so long they reach for the sky

afraid to look for fear of being lost in them

As if they look right through me

so warm so unafraid seeking out my face

when the sun hits them the gold shines so bright

it takes my breath away

Never really noticed until you were inches from my lips

how they drink in everything around each look a little more

every feeling so expressed inside those lash framed eyes

so easy to fall in one look is all it takes

Feeling them on me turning to see their beauty

never wanting to stop transfixed by the colors

by the emotion wrapped within only wanting more

reach into my soul just a look and I am yours


The steps at first small and unsure

and all at once it becomes a blur

loving living sharing your soul

giving taking losing control

Each step on the journey more of the heart

loving together tearing apart

the push the pull always in motion

following the road whatever the notion

It is not the destination or the end

but to our hearts the journey does lend

growing losing becoming ever more

no step that comes like the ones before

The journey teaches reaches breaks molds

never knowing what the future holds

never regret remember always seeking what is true

this journey called life for me and you

© Deborah Horton Writing


All the while I thought I had put it all away

the memories of what was left as they lay

with just one look there they came rushing back again

taking my heart back to remember when

So hard I’ve tried to push away at the edges of my soul

slowly piecing back together the parts to make a whole

and rushing back now overwhelmed unable to make them stop

like raindrops of memory drop by drop by drop

Like a river it overtakes me and I can no longer breathe it seems

invading every thought awake even into my dreams

things I thought were long since gone are back just as real

if I could only find a way to no longer feel

Rushing waters of memory wash over my soul as waves upon the sand

battering on every emotion so hard now just to stand

slowly I push back until the water I no longer feel

left once again to wonder what was and wasn’t real


Here at the center of my world was where you once did reside

in my heart and soul the place you did abide

there was only you no one else the center of my space

now there’s just an empty whole that once was your place

Once the center of my everything I needed nothing more

where no one else had dared to tread before

let you in until there was nothing left of me

but you were only using and I was too blind to see

The very center of me and all that I held dear

my only thought was how to always keep you near

but you were only lying with every breath I took

with every word, every motion, every single look

Now that center left laid waste is filled with someone new

someone who truly loves me not a pretender like you

they give me everything you never did with love and all that’s real

and now at my center once again I truly feel


So many people want so many things they look right past what’s already there

things that they want too much and never get bypassing everything in front of them

pushing and pushing for things that will never be a reality in their lives

while letting the things they already have slip through their fingers

It’s always the grass is greener or if I only had this or that life would be perfect

but they fail to realize their life is already the best it can be

they walk right past the people who love them most

and try to find someone better someone they want more

They run right by all the things staring them in the face trying to find that elusive something else

and they inevitably end up without the things they thought they wanted and losing all that they had

you can only bypass the ones who care for you most for so long before they let go

and in the end it is you who is less by wanting something you had all along


Yellow and orange bright red as if in fire

beautiful breathtaking valleys covered in fall

crisp morning air sun streaked skies

as if in unison the universe sighs

Color so vivid taken in each one by one

aspens cottonwoods colors of fall

painted in brush strokes strong and tall

a kaleidoscope for the eyes and the soul

Change and renewal the passage of time

colors to mark each turn of the day

following the seasons as in life

each moment a piece of remembrance

Colors to fill valleys paint mountains touch souls

the past and future meeting in a time honored dance

blending of time one season to a new

the colors of fall the colors of you

© Deborah Horton Writing


And so comes the fall crisp and cool all colors and leaves

it comes to stadiums and fields in victory and loss

fans who wear their hearts on their sleeves

in the crisp autumn air the football they toss

Fields of green and sometimes blue or red

seats awash with the colors of colleges near and far

hoping it’s your team that comes out ahead

feeling as if your college is the day’s star

Names that echo against the bright fall sky

Dawgs, Gators, Sooners, Huskers, Tide

soaring on every play feeling that TD high

each fan bursting with team pride

The boys of fall are back on the field time now to play

cheer for your team put on the colors show your team pride

a brand new season starts with just this one day

get ready for the ride

© Photo sonny kennedy photography

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