There once was a guy from Montana
who lied about being top banana
short man syndrome all that was true
thinking he fooled me and you
the syndrome made him think he was big and bad
when in reality he was just small and sad
pretending he is someone he will never be
hoping the lies help others not see
shrinking more under the lies that he tells
each one creating new circles of hell
this guy with short man syndrome from Montana


After everything
at the very end
what is it that

When life ceases
to be so busy
and there are only

In time of quiet
reflection on the past
now just me
and you

Two hearts inside
two hands
reaching out
with what remains


The lies you tell yourself
so you can lie to others
a never ending circle
no truth in sight

The words repeated so often
they begin to sound like truth
but only to those who
do not know you

For those who do they know
it is not possible
for you to tell the truth
about even the smallest things

You every waking moment lived
is a lie waiting to be told
you believe it
but I never did


How to be free
as you long to be
of these tormenting

Ever present
always near
never to be free
you fear

Keep trying
and trying
to be rid of them
always crying

Oh to be free
death may be
the only way
free finally


Once everything
now nothing
as if you
are dead

once I thought
I could not
live without you
now nothing

Once I believed
there was no one else
oh so wrong
now nothing

Once it was you
so wrong
so gone
now you are nothing


I am more than what you think
or what you assume to know
more than all the gossip
so much I never show

I am more than you
more than you will ever be
even when I’m down
there is still more to me

I am more than this moment
the one that tries to defeat
more than this setback
my heart will still beat

I am more than I realize
reaching down deep inside
to set free
all that lies inside


So complete this failure
nothing can make it right
finished and done
cannot see the light

Unable to understand
why again it is here
always bringing with it
all that is most to fear

Broken in spirit
shattered in soul
nothing can now
make this whole

Again it has come
epic in form
perhaps it’s true
failure is the norm


Don’t say you love me
if it isn’t true
or that you’re my friend
then stab me in the back

Don’t say you care
when your actions lie
and every word you speak
is only hollowly false

Don’t make nice to my face
then talk about me in whispers
or pretend for others
but I know the truth

Don’t waste my time with the petty
drama that takes up every day
I’m too strong for you
and I won’t live that way


youEverything that happens
anything that’s done
all that the world is
you make it all about you

Anyone else’s troubles
other people’s success
whatever drama surfaces
you make it all about you

Plans that get made
conversations ongoing
friends, family, work
you make it all about you

My trouble, my successes
my world, my friends
my plans, my life
believe it’s not all about you


Always in my dreams
reminder of the past
seems so real even now

Waking me from sleep
feeling out of sorts
not understanding

Sometimes even when awake
creeping in around the edges
a shadow and a dream

Unable to forget
always coming back
still here

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