Taken as a whole life is quite complex

day to day the living not knowing what comes next

so many things leave little holes dents inside the soul

but then there are just a few that tend to make one whole


To have someone who loves you no matter what you are

to go with you each step of the way whether near or far

holding your hand holding your heart they never let you go

having someone that makes you whole is all you need to know


They can take all the dents all the holes and patch them over with a kiss

make you realize that there is nothing in this life you miss

for you have it all right in front of you love to fill the gaps

into the very soul of you each touch from them taps


Everything that was no longer means anything to me

as if the past the people there were dead you see

surrounded now by an envelope of love to feel

it makes me whole love’s power to heal


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