Ghosts of the Night

Photo by Tony Detroit on Unsplash

Author – Robin McNamara

Will your ghosts rest tonight 
As you sleep?
last minute of the clock
Strikes midnight

To take you into another day
Another moment
Another chance—
The cards have fated you.

Remains of the day
Scattered like sand across 
Your eyes, which you will open
In the morning and rub away
The ghosts of the night.


Hunter’s moon

haunted soon

moon in blue

coming for you

Hunted by night

prey in sight

predator rising slow

searching down below

Blood moon haunts

mercurial taunts

no escape for you

hunter’s moon in blue

An hour lost

time is the cost

outrun by none

except the rising sun


Photo by Andre Hunter on Unsplash

Like sandpaper
everything feels rough
little bits being shaved off
under constant frustration

Grating changes
lack of control
nothing is normal
feeling untethered

Constant exposure
whether we know it
or not
to possible infection

Affecting home
work school
entire lives

Everyday more
grating and grinding
pushing towards explosions
repetitive frustration

Me, Myself, and I

By Robin McNamara

Photo by Cole Wyland on Unsplash

By Robin McNamara

Me, Myself and I,
Walked past the wintered 

In the park with it’s departed

Myself though about I
And what to do with Me.

My heart, like the leaves
Fallen in decay.

I was within Myself,
All alone in the park, 
With just Me.

It’s Quite Mental Really

By Robin McNamara

Photo by hesam jr on Unsplash

By Robin McNamara

Like a depressed version of 
Rodan’s Sculpture, the Thinker-

I’m hunched up with an unfolding 
Mind. Out escaped everything. 

Fears, anxiety and phobias, 
All scattered everywhere. 

I almost tripped over my
Arachnophobia in haste to

Escape my coulrophobhia.
It’s no joke really-

That… film, I can’t watch IT.
And that song 99 Red Balloons? 

Definitely can’t listen to that.
I tried to take a walk but-

My Agoraphobia said,
“I’m back bitch.”

So the black dog started 
To whine incessantly,

Inside my head.
And yep, you’ve guessed it-

My phobia: cynophobia did
Not help matters at all.

Now I’ve gone barking mad.

One Week Of Fall

Photo by Stephen Ellis on Unsplash

Fall in Montana is a fleeting endeavor. Most years, there is about a week of actual fall and then it is gone.

This year is no different. The leaves are turning the beautiful colors of red, orange, and yellow. As soon as they turn, most let go of their tenuous hold and fall to the ground. Many others are still green and hanging on. Still others are dead and brown and have been long on the ground.

The weather has been unseasonably warm the last couple of weeks, into the mid 80s for highs and still in the mid 50s at night. But cooler weather is on the horizon. Much cooler weather.

Next week will see daytime temps in the mid 30s to 40s and at night will be in the mid 20s to low 30s. As soon as this happens, which will undoubtedly be accompanied by a strong north wind that blows for a couple of days, the leaves will be removed in one fell swoop.

The trees that are already in the throes of color will be carried to their winter home of the cold dirt and those that are green will die on the tree frozen, brown, and withered to be blown away to some far off resting place.

Fall in Montana reminds us that life is fleeting and appreciation of the beautiful things must be done with intention as soon as they appear. The first leaf of color should be marveled at and celebrated. A full aspen tree the color of newly minted gold should be photographed, painted, and preserved in memory. They will be just as quickly gone.

As I watch today’s wind blow, the leaves are making their autumnal trek to the ground by the hundreds, maybe thousands in just my yard alone. I feel the change of seasons in my soul as the leaves let go to make way for renewal in the spring.

One week of fall in all of its glorious beauty is still worth the wait and the contemplation to remind us letting go can be a wonderful thing.


Photo by Altınay Dinç on Unspla

One to light the harvest
golden blessings
new month is born
celestial welcome

Another moon
hunter’s moon
blood moon

Two moons one month
second also blue
cosmic beauty
rarely happens

Magical light
big and bright
welcoming fall
touching us all

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