Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger on Unsplash

No longer here

you have joined with the cosmos

matter that can not be created

or destroyed

We the left behind

are broken hearted

and sad

you are gone

Each star the brightness

of your smile

the universe

containing your soul

Shining down on us

radiating love

we seek you out

amongst the heavens

Too soon it seems

being without you

yet knowing

the spirit still remains

Wishing you peace

on your journey

and yet

so sorry you are gone


Talk to someone you don’t know today
share a smile with a stranger
include someone in your life
make your circle larger

Give hope to someone who is down
a shoulder to those less strong
listen to a broken heart speak
open your heart wider

Praise someone who has overcome
or one who has done well
a pat on the back can change a life
open your arms farther

Practice inclusion with every step
dismiss none think of all
walk for a second in another’s shoes
open your life each moment more

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