Last one
countdown begun
year’s final day
made its way
some here some gone
with friends or all alone
taking stock counting down
some smile some frown
looking forward glancing back
what you’ve got or what you lack
holding on or letting go
what you do or don’t know
precipices of future loom
live in joy or doom
choice is yours to make
steps you choose to take
come now this final day
then new dawn new way


spring rain
The last time that you were there
it was Spring as it is now
and I was there
watching you slip away

remembering all the past
memories flooding me like a Spring rain
somehow it was only the good things
the last time that you were there

The last time that you were there
tears flowed like a melting river
as if my soul could be washed clean
and I was there

The last time you were there
new life waited to begin
as part of my life ended
and I was there

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