If you close your eyes
And think really hard
Maybe you can go
Somewhere else

Where everything is different
And nothing is real
With just a thought
You can change how you feel

Time has no meaning
You just float along
Tomorrow never comes
Today is all there is

Where everything is different
And nothing is real
You alone determine
Everything you feel


The time has come to say goodbye
today becomes a piece of the past
now to start a new journey
ready to take those steps at last

The memories of all there was
entwined within our heart
remaining there forever more
even though we will be apart

In years to come we will recall
the laughter, tears and all we shared
we will never truly forget
how much we all cared

But now the time has come at last
can’t stop it no matter how we try
all that now is left
is just to say goodbye


They say money is the root of all evil
actually it’s the love of money
but in my opinion the root of all evil
is insecurity

It gives birth to fear, jealousy, lying
manifests itself as gossip, manufactured drama
blossoms into treachery, lust for power
and selfishness

Insecurity turns people into narcissists
and liars, envious, fearful backstabbers
They make the drama all your fault when
in reality it’s all about them

They want so much to be liked
that they will do anything to think they are
in reality everyone knows what they are
and all about their insecurity

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