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No longer here

you have joined with the cosmos

matter that can not be created

or destroyed

We the left behind

are broken hearted

and sad

you are gone

Each star the brightness

of your smile

the universe

containing your soul

Shining down on us

radiating love

we seek you out

amongst the heavens

Too soon it seems

being without you

yet knowing

the spirit still remains

Wishing you peace

on your journey

and yet

so sorry you are gone


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So tired these days

in so many ways

in body, in spirit, in mind

peace is hard to find

So much pressing in

spreading me thin

another task on the pile

just want to rest awhile

So much noise all around

hate and division abound

everyone feels out of control

can I just crawl into a hole

So many clients seen every week

my voice tired so hard to speak

try to help them feel stronger

not sure I can any longer

So tired every day

in every conceivable way

hoping for something to lighten the load

to keep on walking down this road

Constant Change

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We fight against it
fear all phases
worry about outcomes
want to control

Resistance is futile
change continues always
ever constant
always present

We push back harder
hoping to avoid
wanting to keep
what we think we need

Universe pushes back
we struggle to stop it
afraid of what we
may become

Universe knows better
all life
all growth
needs change

Be calm
accept what is
let go of what was
become new

Falling Back

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Time is always moving forward

except when it doesn’t

one night falling back

magic to erase one hour

Like Cinderella after the ball

carriage becomes a pumpkin

magic slowly slips away

back to something darker

When time moves again forward

still darkness comes all the earlier

as if losing sight of the sun

enveloped in the gloom

Falling back

moments unrecoverable

what did we miss

in the backward ticks


Hunter’s moon

haunted soon

moon in blue

coming for you

Hunted by night

prey in sight

predator rising slow

searching down below

Blood moon haunts

mercurial taunts

no escape for you

hunter’s moon in blue

An hour lost

time is the cost

outrun by none

except the rising sun


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Like sandpaper
everything feels rough
little bits being shaved off
under constant frustration

Grating changes
lack of control
nothing is normal
feeling untethered

Constant exposure
whether we know it
or not
to possible infection

Affecting home
work school
entire lives

Everyday more
grating and grinding
pushing towards explosions
repetitive frustration


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One to light the harvest
golden blessings
new month is born
celestial welcome

Another moon
hunter’s moon
blood moon

Two moons one month
second also blue
cosmic beauty
rarely happens

Magical light
big and bright
welcoming fall
touching us all


Photo by Fallon Michael on Unsplash

There is beauty in letting go

a coloring of change

making way for something new

preparing to undergo transformation

flashes of brightness and being bold

everyone notices each phase of the change

until we lie dormant regathering our strength

quietly waiting for new life to begin

whispering winds of renewed hope

fall into becoming

the trees will show you the way


Photo by Jaroslav Devia on Unsplash

Orange tinged sun

behind smoke filled skies

like a mask of vapors

seen and unseen

another invader to the body

hanging hazy heaviness

pushing in with each breath

acrid caresses

a daily personal hell


A story of lingering

Photo by zj Deng on Unsplash

Haunting scent
hangs heavy in heat
memories of forgotten evil
moonlight bathes pieces of alabaster
all that remains now
a-da-na-ta soul no more
souls so we may live 
souls that live to serve
a-da-nv-do spirit unseen
we move in the scent 
of mimosa

A poem based on the first short novel I self-published in 2013, Mimosa, on the ancient lines of protector and taker in the land of the Cherokee.

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