An Unnatural State Of Being

By Liam Flanagan

Photo by Fabrice Villard on Unsplash

I can’t get any inspiration from writing about leaves
With the power to inspire others to put pen to paper
Unable to provide a source creativity or metaphor
I stare out the window with inquisitive eyes
Provide no urge to write about the absence of clouds
Or houseplants
Dancing branches in the wind blowing a chill cold enough
To envy a bear finding a cave to hibernate from the winter gloom
The face of nature will change from scours and showers
To a spring full of life and colour
Another opportunity to write something about our natural mother

Liam Flanagan is a 47 year old living in Galway on the west coast of Ireland. Degree in English and Philosophy. Teaching Diploma in IT. Ten years experience working in the IT industry. Likes Sport, Music, Film and Politics

I Am The Rabbit

Born under the sign of water

Artistic and creative

Quietly confident and strong

Careful and thoughtful

Seeking peace and tranquility

Empathy and keen observation

Amicable and kind

Intellectual and prosperous

Calm and courageous

Determined and organized

Intuitive and thoughtful

My year at sixty

I am the rabbit

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