Creating Gratitude

Photo by Guillaume de Germain on Unsplash

Words of thanks

written, spoken, thought

for things big for things small

creating gratitude for them all

Filling your mind

with thankful things

creating a universe

that receives and then gives

Continually creating

with thankful hearts

karma of gratitude

returning greater

Breathe out gratitude

breathe in blessings

expand your universe

creating gratitude

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What are you thankful for
everyday and not just today
those things in your life
that you should give thanks for

Not one day a year
or one week but for all days
what are you thankful for
inside your heart and soul

Basic things, emotional things
people, places, material things
what is it that you are
truly, daily thankful for

Speak it daily, write it daily
know it daily, share it daily
give thanks always
for time is continually shorter

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