Trickling closer dark tendrils
icy along your skin
unseen around your heart
chill that fills your soul

Dark no light to find
they seek the corners
waiting for the next body
watching from the black


Dark it dances across the room extinguishing the light
slowly coming now as the day turns into night
in quiet moves it brushes against the spirit’s soul
can you feel the chill as it takes its toll

Closer still it moves surrounding all with a breeze
creeping into everything feeling as if to freeze
the night moves closer still bringing horrors yet unseen
this chill is stronger now than it has ever been

There is no sound at all but the heartbeat in your ears
drumming out the rhythm of all your many fears
search the dark places looking for any light
but there will be none found on this blackest night

As the wind moves stronger the terror begins to fill
roaming searching needing to find its next new kill
the chill can you feel it inside your skin touching now your heart
be still now it is here the pain’s about to start…..

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