Winning often comes in inches or in the next step
when all you want to do is quit when nothing else is left
you pick yourself back up again sometimes in pain and fear
and remember everything and everyone that got you here

You feel as though you’ve reached the end
and that there’s nothing more
search inside yourself for any hope at all
you wonder how you’ve gone on before

Victory is won in inches in the tiny steps you take
in leaving everything behind and seeing the end that is yours to make
letting go of doubt of fear of pain of those who say you can’t
by sheer force of will you take the next inch just a little more

Nothing comes as sweet as winning won through mighty struggle
the knowing that after all you are still there to stand in victory
for it is not the winning that truly matters in the end
it is the fight that offers the soul something more


You come to me in whispers
you come to me in sighs
finding me once again
knowing where my heart lies

You come to me in darkness
and then again in light
the whispers of your heart
find me be it day or night

You come to me completely
leaving nothing hidden away
sharing thoughts and whispers
making me want to stay

You come to me as lover
and also as a friend
the whispers of our hearts
forever now no end


There’s nothing left of the past now
no memories, no feelings
erased as if it never was
cleansed of every moment

Nothing left now as if it were dead
and you along with it as well
all the hurt and the lies
as vapor in the sky

Finally nothing there left at all
all the past as a rain washed clean
no traces to be found
to start anew is all that remains

Nothing now finally free
no part of it living
gone and forgotten removed from me

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